10 songs about pets

For some strange reason, pets have the power to melt any possibly cold human heart. And rock musicians, who tend to swing between the tough and the sensitive, are no exception.



Pink Floyd – Seamus

Very unlikely for Pink Floyd, “Seamus” is a short funny acoustic blues number. It is inspired by Humble Pie’s Steve Marriott’s dog and features Seamus himself.


Led Zeppelin – Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Also acoustic, this one is almost a love song. Robert Plant sings about walking with his merle in the woods. “You’re the finest dog I knew, so fine”, says mr. Plant.


Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blues for Meister

Done in their older, way more interesting style, this song is sung by bassist Flea, mourning his passed away calico.


Queen – Delilah

“Delilah” is a very happy love song until Freddie Mercury remembers his tortoiseshell cat pees “all over my Chippendale suite”.


The Suicide Machines – Sometimes I Don’t Mind

A very cute pop punk homage to a dog who licks his hands and then he gets a rash, but that’s ok.


Blondie – Sunday Girl

“Sunday Girl” was written by Blondie guitarist Chris Stein for Debbie Harry when their cat Sunday Man ran away.


Soundgarden – Never Named

We don’t know if the dog mentioned by Chris Cornell in this tale of self deprecating humour did actually exist. But the lyrics describing a tipical dog-owner relationship (“I had a dog / He was a mix / He loved me like a God / But I was just a kid”) grant it its place in this list.


Sublime – I Love My Dog

Besides getting this remake of Bad Brains’ “I Luv I Jah”, Lou Dog was actually treated as a member of the band before his owner and singer Bradley Nowell died tragically. He is also mentioned in songs like “What I Got”, “Doin’ Time” e Garden Grove.


Guns N’ Roses – Used To Love Her

There is some debate as to wether this is about a dog or not. It’s funnier if it is, so we’ll believe it.


Porno for Pyros – Pets

This song is actually about martians coming to “take over for us” because humanity is too failed. Then the pets will be us!